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The Black Friday Sale is Here!

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Did you hear the great news?! Our favorites are on sale with no limits, there’s a new diffuser in town, and gifting just got easier!!! Hip hip holiday hooray!!! You’ll find something for everyone on your list with 30% off 30 essential oil favorites, 25% off select CBD products and kits and collections, 20% off the most popular roll-ons, lip balms, and supplements, BOGO offers, and more.

THEN. Cyber Monday picks up where Black Friday leaves off, offering you 24 hours of incredible deals on must-have home essentials!

This sale is only while supplies last, so now’s the time to stock up! For the best Black Friday shopping experience, be sure to place your orders online and make the most of the free shipping available on qualifying 100 PV orders.


Single Essential Oils at 30% OFF

  • Lavender Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3575 I 17.68PV I Originally $25.25… now $17.67

    • The Swiss Army knife of oils, Lavender is the first oil we grab for most anything - sleep, relaxing, skincare, you name it!
  • Lemon Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3578 I 8.40PV I Originally $12.00… now $8.40

    • Lemon oil is bright, fresh and cleansing, perfect for cleaning, diffusing, DIYs and daily wellness!
  • Peppermint Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3614 I 16.10PV I Originally $23.00… now $16.10

    • Crisp, cool and clean, Peppermint is great for easing tension, alerting the mind and opening the airways.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3587 I 19.43PV I Originally $27.75… now $19.43

    • Tea tree is one of the most widely used oils! Cleansing and purifying, it’s great for DIYs and skincare.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil, 5mL Item 3549 I 22.23PV I Originally $31.75… now $22.23

    • Ohh Frankincense. Is there anything this oil can’t do? Skincare. Immune support. Antioxidants. Overall wellness. Respiratory support...
  • Orange Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3602 I 8.05PV I Originally $11.50… now $8.05

    • Orange is bright and uplifting like many citrus oils and pairs well with every diffuser blend around.
  • Vanilla Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 32741 I 22.40PV I Originally $32.00… now $22.41

    • Vanilla is like a warm, welcoming hug from someone you love. It is inviting and heart-opening and perfect this time of year.
  • Lime Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3074 I 9.10PV I Originally $13.00… now $9.11

    • Lime is bright and fresh and a crowd favorite any time of year. Pair it with tree oils or other citrus in your diffuser, add to DIYs.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3560 I 12.60PV I Originally $18.00… now $12.60

    • Grapefruit is a staple oil in every household! Bright and crisp, it is uplifting, pairs well in the diffuser with any other oil and is a great choice for DIYs.
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3539 I 10.68PV I Originally $15.25… now $10.68

    • Don’t do winter without this oil! Eucalyptus Globulus is a great respiratory staple and creates a breath of fresh air anytime it is diffused.
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3581 I 8.40PV I Originally $12.00… now $8.40

    • Lemongrass is a key ingredient in the Purification blend, making it a favorite for laundry, cleaning and diffusing.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3509 I 8.40PV I Originally $12.00… now $8.40

    • This woodsy oil is often found in diffuser blends supporting sleep and also helps with focus, winter skin and is a popular oil for men.
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 3568 I 12.60PV I Originally $18.00… now $12.60

    • This floral oil is often considered the oil of romance! Use it as a perfume, add to diffuser blends and DIYs - the options are limitless.
  • Bergamot Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 3585 I 9.63PV I Originally $13.75… now $9.63

    • A member of the citrus family, Bergamot has a lovely spiciness to it. Diffuse, add to roller blends, DIYs or really anything!

Essential Oil Blends at 30% OFF

  • Thieves Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3423 I 25.38PV I Originally $36.25… now $25.38

    • Thieves is our powerhouse immune blend - diffuse it, apply it, add it to bath salts. However you choose to use it, this is one oil we use daily!
  • Purification Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3399 I 19.60 PV I Originally $28.00… now $19.60

    • Purifying and cleansing for the home and the body, Purification is great for cleaning, diffusing, DIYs and wellness!
  • Stress Away Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 4630 I 22.23 PV I Originally $31.75… now $22.23

    • This relaxing blend of lime and vanilla is like an instant beach vacation in a bottle. Many people wear it as a personal fragrance.
  • Peace & Calming Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3393 I 49.88PV I Originally $71.25… now $49.87

    • This blend of citrus, patchouli and blue tansy is the perfect peaceful blend for adults and kids alike!
  • Valor Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3429 I 56.35PV I Originally $80.50… now $56.35

    • Valor is one of YL’s most popular blends! It is THE oil for calming the mind, especially when feeling nervous.
  • Citrus Fresh Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3318 I 11.55PV I Originally $16.50… now $11.55

    • Citrus Fresh is a happy blend of Orange, Tangerine, Lemon and a hint of Spearmint that freshens and brightens any space.
  • R.C. Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3405 I 16.98PV I Originally $24.25… now $16.98

    • R.C. is a gentle but effective blend of eucalyptus oils that is wonderful for the respiratory system and brings the spa vibes directly into your home.
  • Evergreen Essence Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3353 I 19.25PV I Originally $27.50… now $19.25

    • Bring the scent of a winter forest to your home with Evergreen Essence! It has all our favorite evergreen oils and is perfect this time of year.
  • Relieve It Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3411 I 35PV I Originally $50.00… now $35

    • This deeply relaxing, warming blend is soothing and comforting to the muscles and joints.
  • Inspiration Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 3365 I 19.60PV I Originally $28.00… now $19.60

    • This blend of tree oils, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and more helps create a calm space for creativity and focus.
  • Clarity Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 3358 I 13.30PV I Originally $19.00… now $13.30

    • Clarity essential oil blend features 12 essential oils for an aroma that promotes feelings of stability, focus, and a sense of productivity for the spirit and mind
  • Raven Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 3415 I 12.08PV I Originally $17.25… now $12.08

    • Raven is a combination of Ravintsara, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Peppermint, and Wintergreen and is wonderful for the respiratory system.
  • Abundance Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 3319 I 11.73PV I Originally $16.75… now $11.73

    • The Abundance blend contains essential oils which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.
  • Gentle Baby Essential Oil, 15 mL Item 3345 I 35.53PV I Originally $50.75… now $35.53

    • The scent of Gentle Baby is sweet and calming, inviting feelings of nurturing and calm.
  • Daily Divine Essential Oil, 5 mL Item 38249 I 57.40PV I Originally $82.00… now $57.40

    • This blend includes Jasmine, Sandalwood, Spruce and Fir among other emotionally supportive oils for a blend that pairs well with journaling, meditation and self reflection.


Roll-Ons at 20% OFF

  • Kidpower Roll-On Item 32638 I 27.20PV I Originally $34… now $27.20

    • KidPower Roll-On is a unique, everyday blend that smells like Orange Creamsicles! It was formulated to help inspire feelings of confidence, courage, and positivity at home, at school, or on the playground.
  • TummyGize Roll-On Item 32634 I 17.60PV I Originally $22.00… now $17.60

    • This convenient roll-on is always with us! The combination of Ginger, Tangerine, Fennel, and other premium essential oils provides a naturally comforting aroma that brings help to tummies in need. Plus it is pre-diluted for ages 2 and up.
  • SniffleEase Roll-On Item 32635 I 27.20PV I Originally $34… now $27.20

    • This roll-on combines Eucalyptus, Palo Santo, R.C., and other premium essential oils to help ease feelings of discomfort and support normal, clear breathing. Plus it is pre-diluted for ages 2 and up.
  • RutaVaLa Roll-On Item 4471 I 30.60PV I $38.25… now $30.60

    • THIS is the oil we reach for at night when we are hoping for some really good rest… RutaVaLa combines three oils that are great for creating a sense of calm. With its earthy, grounding aroma, RutaVaLa has an interesting scent that may not be your favorite scent, but you love how it works!


Supplements at 20% OFF

  • Life 9 Probiotic Item 18299 I 24.60PV I Originally $30.75… now $24.60

    • Life 9 is one of our favorite supplements and is recommended across the board! A happy belly is crucial for overall health, immune function, easy digestion and much more.
  • Inner Defense Softgels, 30 ct Item 3295 I 22.80PV I Originally $28.50… now $22.80

    • This supplement is a staple in our wellness cabinet! It’s a great daily option for those who need it, and it is wonderful for acute needs when you start to go below the wellness line.
  • KidScents MightyPro, 30 pk Item 24261 I 27.20PV I Originally $34.00… now $27.20

    • This powder pro and prebiotic is another household staple, but it isn’t just for kids! Kids and adults alike can use this probiotic which doesn’t require refrigeration or swallowing a capsule.


Personal Care at 20% OFF

  • Lavender Lip Balm Item 5203 I 3.40PV I Originally $4.25… now $3.40

    • Our favorite lip balm for chapped lips, cheeks, noses and more! This lip balm also makes a great carrier stick for on the go needs!
  • Cinnamint Lip Balm Item 5150 I 3.60PV I Originally $4.50… now $3.60

    • This spicy-sweet lip balm is perfect for the season or any time of year to keep lips happy and healthy! Keep one, gift one!


BOGO Shampoos & Conditioners

  • Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner Item 5194121 I 24.25PV I $24.25 each

    • Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo gently removes daily buildup and hydrates hair from root to tip for soft, manageable, and healthy-looking hair. Buy one Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo, get a Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner FREE!
    • Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner by Young Living restores moisture and strength to dry, damaged, and over-processed hair for smooth strands full of shine. Buy one Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo, get a Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner FREE!
  • Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo & Conditioner Item 5191121 I 21PV I $21.00 each

    • Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo lifts away product residue, excess oil, and built-up pollutants, leaving hair feeling completely clean, refreshed, and full of soft body and bounce. Buy one Lavender Mint Shampoo, get a Lavender Mint Conditioner FREE!
    • Lavender Mint Daily Conditioner provides nourishing moisture to the hair and scalp leaving your hair feeling refreshed and full of weightless body and shine. Buy one Lavender Mint Shampoo, get a Lavender Mint Conditioner FREE!


CBD at 25% OFF

  • CBD Muscle Rub Tin, 10pk Item 36159 I 31.86PV I Originally $84.95… now $63.71

    • This CBD Muscle Rub is a crowd favorite for good reason, and this 10pk of tins allows you to stash them anywhere and everywhere - purse, gym bag, nightstand… and give some to friends!
  • Cinnamon CBD Oil 500mg: Item 28474 I 59.95PV I Originally $79.95… now $59.96 1000mg: Item 28475 I 112.46PV I Originally $149.95… now $112.46

    • This dynamic duo of high-quality CBD and Cinnamon Bark essential oil is warm and uplifting and the perfect addition to your health and wellness routine.
  • Citrus CBD Oil 500 mg: Item 28470 I 59.96PV I Originally $79.95... now $59.96 1000 mg: Item 28471 I 112.46PV I Originally $149.95… now $112.46

    • Citrus CBD Oil combines potent CBD with Orange and Grapefruit essential oils for a sweet, uplifting blend that will help you feel bright and reinvigorated.
  • Coolmint CBD Oil, 1000 mg Item 28473 I PV 112.46 I Originally $149.95… now $112.46

    • Cool Mint CBD Oil contains CBD and Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils for a cool, bright, refreshing experience.


Kits & Collections

  • Freedom Sleep Kit Item 4722 I 75PV I Originally $133.00… now $100.00

    • 15 mL AromaSleep essential oil blend—Diffuse this gentle blend at bedtime.
    • 15 mL Freedom essential oil blend—Enhance the blends in this collection or use on its own to feel centered.
    • 15 mL Inner Harmony essential oil blend—Inhale this luxurious blend when you’re seeking balance and spiritual awareness.
    • 5 mL Valor essential oil blend—Feel empowered when you diffuse or apply this grounding scent.
  • Freedom Release Kit Item 4734 I 100PV I Originally $207.00… now $155.00

    • 15 mL Freedom essential oil blend—Use this complex aroma on its own to help boost your positive energy or combine it with the other blends in this collection to enhance its benefits.
    • 15 mL Divine Release essential oil blend—Select this warm aroma for your diffuser to harness your most gentle characteristics.
    • 15 mL Joy essential oil blend—Use this bright floral scent to spark—well, joy!
    • 15 mL T.R. Care essential oil blend—Breathe deep and enjoy this transformative aroma.
    • 15 mL Transformation essential oil blend—Diffuse this herbaceous, woodsy blend when you’re ready to swap negative thoughts with uplifting ones.
  • Holiday Starter Bundle Item 35327 I 75PV I Originally $150.00… now $112.50

    • This bundle contains so many of our favorites and an adorable travel case. A great gift or something to add to your own collection:
      • Sweet Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser
      • Bergamot essential oil, 5 mL
      • Frankincense essential oil, 5 mL
      • Grapefruit essential oil, 5 mL
      • Lavender essential oil, 5 mL
      • Lemon essential oil, 5 mL
      • Peppermint essential oil, 5 mL
      • Joy essential oil blend, 5 mL
      • Peace & Calming essential oil blend, 5 mL
      • Thieves essential oil blend, 5 mL
      • Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer, 1 oz.
      • Leopard-print carrying case
  • Fresh Space Collection Item 36428 I 25.50PV I Originally $55.00… now $41.25

    • If the smells in your fridge are more mystery than “mmm, mmm, good,” infuse a fridge (or anywhere else!) freshener with a few drops of Purification or Lemon and stick it inside the door.
      • 15mL Lemon essential oil
      • 15mL Purification essential oil blend
      • 2 Fridge freshener pads


  • NEW: Viya Diffuser Collection Item 40596 I 85PV I $123.00
    • Meet the Viya Travel Diffuser!! We are so excited for this new travel diffuser that is sleek yet durable and perfect for making any car ride much better! This collection includes:
      • Viya Travel Diffuser
      • Spill-resistant reservoir
      • Easy-access buttons simple to control in the car
      • Multiple run times and light settings
      • Connects to a USB power bank
      • Fits in a car cup holder
      • Citrus Fresh, 5mL
      • AromaEase, 5mL
      • Stress Away Roll-On, 10mL
      • Thieves Spray
      • Exclusive travel carrying case

Additional details:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers are valid only in the U.S. and all NFR markets, except where restrictions prevent promotional products from entering the country.
  • Orders placed before the sale will not receive the discounted rates.
  • PV is not earned on free products.
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  • Cyber Monday deals drop at 12 midnight, MT, on Monday, November 29, and end at 11:59 p.m., MT.
  • Products not available on Subscribe to Save: Gentle Baby 15mL, Ylang Ylang 5mL, Bergamot 5mL, White Light 5mL, Daily Divine 5mL, Freedom Sleep Kit, Freedom Release Kit, Holiday Starter Bundle, and Viya Collection